How to get involved

It really does take a village to make a film and making one in a global pandemic is that little bit harder still. We’re so grateful for the support we’ve had so far, and for the brilliant team who’ve agreed to come on board. In every sense, we are raring to get this made - we just need this final push to get us over the line.


As well as our eternal gratitude, all donations, no matter the amount, will receive a private link to the finished film. We’ve also set up some exciting reward tiers, which are listed below. 

To make this happen we need to raise between £15,000 and £20,000 by the end of May. The fundraiser below is operated by PayPal. For donations from the UK it takes a 2.9% fee + 30 pence per transaction and the rest goes to us, which is pretty good compared to the 8-10% taken by Kickstarter. But rest assured, we'll follow the same protocol. If we don't raise enough to make the film, you'll get your money back.


If you prefer, we are also happy to receive a bank transfer and draw up a contract for you with our registered production company. To donate this way please get in touch

Additional donations received by transfer: £8800



Tier One: £100+ - You will get a Special Thanks in the credits of the film and our undying love.


Tier Two: £500+ - As well as being listed in the Special Thanks, you'll be invited to an exclusive London screening (when COVID allows) of the film upon completion*


Tier Three: £1000+ - As well as being listed in our Special Thanks and invited to the screening, you’ll receive a poster for the film signed by cast and a limited art print of a 35mm set photo taken by director Marco Alessi on lush C-Type Kodak Metallic paper.


Tier Four: £2000+ - In addition to the above, you’ll be listed as an Associate Producer on the project. We will also offer you a tailored one-to-one session with a member of our creative team. You can use this however you like. You might want advice on a script or the industry. You could also gift the session to an emerging or aspiring filmmaker/creative you know. You can read more about us here **


Tier Five: £5000+ - In addition to the above, you’ll be listed as an Executive Producer on the project. 

* Donation reward includes admission to the screening, but please be aware that this does not include travel or accommodation to London.

** If you’re making a donation associated with a credit, please get in touch so we can issue you a contract for your peace of mind.